BASED IN Dallas, TX, Brigitte Mena is a pop/rock singer-songwriter that has been involved in several music projects including former Dallas indie rock band, Oakheart. She’s known for her powerhouse voice and referencing psychology in her lyric writing. Her sound consists of ambient, driving guitar tones and haunting vocal melodies, creating an atmospheric experience. Most recently, she released her debut album, “Maslow,” in which she explores her own personal journey through psychologist, Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. She plays regularly around the DFW metroplex and has been featured on Dallas local radio station, 91.7 KXT. When performing as a full band, Brigitte is joined by guitarists Paul Thomas & John Hames, bassist Austin Gordon, and drummer James Roy. 



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Dallas Voyage Interview

"Connections are so essential for success in the music industry, but I would say that is equally balanced by the dedication and hard work. You have to have both."

Songtrust Spotlight

"I like to focus on the super raw experience, not really letting a formulaic song structure hinder the expression. I also draw a lot of my inspiration from psychology."


The Local Show on KXT 91.7 FM Radio

Brigitte Mena's song, "Enabler" was featured airplay on Dallas radio station 91.7.



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