Brigitte Mena was born to be a storyteller, and her vehicle is music. The singer-songwriter’s heartrending tunes tell harrowing tales enveloped in atmospheric, ambient melodies. But the artist has her sights set on much more than producing pop rock tracks. Armed with her versatile voice, a pen and a penchant for crafting compelling songs, Mena strives to strike a chord with audiences and tell relevant, resonant stories.

Mena started crafting original music in high school, and founded her first rock band as a freshman at Southern Methodist University, where she studied Music and Psychology. Mena’s music studies helped her hone her craft, while her work in psychology gave her an avenue to explore her interest in human behavior. Instead of choosing one passion over the other, the artist decided to merge the two roads ahead of her. By using her talents as a musician, Mena shines a light on topics like behavior, mental health, relationships and identity.

Her debut album is a musical exploration of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. “Maslow” heralded the arrival of a distinctive new talent, and showed audiences across Texas what’s possible when talent meets a one-of-a-kind voice. Mena can be seen in shows across DFW, and recently released a new single, “Histrionic.” While her bandmates, sound and style have evolved over the years, her resolve to tell powerful stories has remained. “I create a story that is relatable to a wide range of listeners,” she says of her music. “These are songs I think we can all resonate with in one way or another.”



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Dallas Observer

Singer Brigitte Mena Collaborates with Eisley’s Sherri DuPree-Bemis on a Love Song

June 27, 2019

Talk Nerdy With Us Interview

“I got the chance to talk to Brigitte about her musical influences, what it was about the character of Annie that she thought would make a good song, her love of the Target dollar section and so much more. Keep reading to see what she had to say!”

- Bryna Kramer

Vents Magazine Interview

October 2019

“Most of the song was written before I went into the studio. One of the biggest production aspects we worked on in the studio was defining the “machine” sounds you hear throughout the song. I wanted each of them to be purposeful and reflective of the lyrics, so this part definitely took some time and experimenting.”


Music Monday

“You won’t find many singer-songwriters channeling the work of Abraham Maslow, but Brigitte Mena is not like most artists. The North Texas native derives inspiration from the famed psychologist & his contemporaries to create driving songs equipped with haunting vocal melodies & infectious hooks.”


Songtrust Spotlight

"I like to focus on the super raw experience, not really letting a formulaic song structure hinder the expression.”

The Ghost of Blind Lemon Monday Mixteen

When I spoke to her about the song, she said “I feel like there is such a big push right now in our society for increased awareness of mental illness, but not a lot of conversation about the outside perspective of those trying to support others struggling from mental illness.”

Central Track

“And, just this past Friday, indie rocker Brigitte Mena released the video for her “Histrionic” single, which she says “highlights a relationship complicated by mental illness” and hopes will continue a conversation on mental health.”

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Loft Stories No. 4

Breda Studios, July 2018



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